Chicken Coops

Whether you’re a first time backyard chicken rancher or a seasoned veteran,
we want you to have a premiere experience. We realize our coop is a significant investment for most people and take seriously making sure you’re satisfied and hope you will tell others.

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Chicken coops Chehalis Washington

The benefits of keeping chickens are endless, and far outweigh just having fresh eggs for breakfast every day. They can contribute to the health of your garden, the health of your soil and lawn, and even your own mental health. They make excellent pets, wonderful little animals full of love and affection

JM Construction partnered with a local artist Melly Rae’s Pretty Thangs to offer one vanity sign for your coop in exchange for a  photo and review of your custom coop!
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Untitled design
Untitled design
Chicken coops Chehalis Washingon

JM’s  Craftsman Coop

Chicken Coop specs are:
5’x6′ (30 sq ft) 6′ tall.
10 nesting boxes
1 man door, a clean outdoor for easy sweeping, and a drop down egg door on nesting boxes.
1 chicken run door, and 1 window.
Includes paint. Choice of colors; Yellow, Brown, Barn Red, Evergreen. *Can do custom colors for an additional cost.

$2800 + taxes
Polycarbonate corrugated roof.
Installed includes delivery within 50 miles from our Chehalis location.
Customizable options;
Extra window- $150

Front Ladder- $50
Custom fit Rubber Matt Floor (If available)- $100.
Upgrade to Steel corrugated roof for $100.
No paint- $200 discount.

Chicken coops Chehalis Washington

JM’s  Craftsman Run
7x12x7-6′ single slope roof
treated wood frame
1″x2 19 gauge welded wire (Much stronger than traditional chicken wire- better for areas with predators).
Corrugated Polycarbonate roofing with a choice of 3 roof colors:
Castle Gray, Brick Red, Rainforest Green.
Upgrade to Steel Corrugated paneling for $100
$1900 + taxes.Installed includes delivery within 50 miles from us
(Rural Chehalis, WA) and would include 1 hour of setup
(Ex unlevel surface). Address required to determine delivery fee if farther)

The Studio Coop
5×6 Chicken coop with 3 nesting boxes.
1 man door, 1 egg door, 1 clean out door, 1 window & window perch.
7×6′ Chicken run with 1″x2″ welded wire, 1 man door, and perches inside.
Price includes setup on level land.
*Delivery free within 1 hour/50 miles from our Chehalis location. A small travel fee will be added for locations further. ine delivery fee if farther)