Cold-Formed Durable 2023 Outstanding Steel Kits


 *Building design tool will only design a cold-formed steel building.
/If you are looking for another building type (Pole building or square tubed)
please leave a note & know we can use the design you submit for layout purposes, but we may need to make changes to accommodate. 
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Now offering turnkey options for select areas in Western, WA
Ask your sales Rep for more details.

Kits available to ship to all 48 states


  • -There are no standard sizes! You customize the length, Width & Height.
  • -All Kits come with Step-by-step instructions designed for easy assembly & access to training videos. No need to hire a contractor unless you want to!
  • -All Kits include Site Specific stamped Engineered Drawings to meet your local building code requirements. This includes stamped drawings for the Foundation, slab or piers!
  • -We offer complete kits. All the material & Hardware needed for assembly- including anchor bolts. No welding is needed to install.
  • -Clear span design to utilize the most space in your building.
  • -Can be shipped to 48 states.
  • -All Materials are made in the USA.
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jm buildings and construction Metal Buildings
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Our Cold-form steel buildings take metal buildings to the next level! These buildings offer a wide range of designs and sizes just not possible with the square tube structures. Cold Form Buildings are fully designed and pre-engineered steel buildings suited to fill any homeowner or entrepreneurs needs. Cold-form buildings can clear spans of 8’ to 60’, and up to 100’ with interior columns, Eave heights range from 7’ to 24’, roof pitches range from 1:12 to 12:12. Bay spacings range from 8’ to 25’. Both 29 and 26 gauge powder coated steel sheeting available. All cold-form buildings come standard with vertical roofs and vertical sides if needed. If you need a second floor, (mezzanine), in your building, this is the most economical structure available!

The options available to the customer with these buildings are extensive. Roof designs include Gable, Lean To, Gambrel, Monitor Barns, Sheds. We can do Carports, RV Covers, Tiny Homes, Garages, Barns, Vacation Cabins, Sheds, Shops, Warehouses and more! We can design it! Cold Form Buildings are safer and stronger than other products, these buildings will not burn in a fire, and immune to destruction by pests.Building Specs. Cold Form Steel Buildings are made from precision cold-formed steel components produced by computer-controlled machines. We use light and heavy gauge galvanized steel Cee’s, Zees and channel for bracing. These buildings are bolted and screwed together. Many colors to choose from, insulation, entry doors, framed openings for windows and garage doors all can be designed into your building.

Price includes stamped engineered drawings, (including concrete specs), construction package drawings, and the packing list with part numbers.